undergraduate internship

2 highschool 1 college student with kidsWe've had undergraduate interns from the University of Montana and Emory University participate for a semester as an intern for the Big Sky Brain Project. Some internships offer research opportunities in neuroscience laboratories in the Center for Structural and Functional Neuroscience at the University of Montana.

View internship description or contact Dr. Amanda Duley for more information.

museum explainer program

2 highschool 1 college student working on soldering

A unique opportunity for high school students who are interested in science and engaging with the public.  Explainers provide high-quality science education and engage with the visiting public during spectrUM's public hours through the use of interactive exhibits, activities, and demonstrations.  Students participate in training sessions to learn about the museum exhibits and hands-on science activities performed at the Discovery Bench and BrainLab. Training includes interaction with professors from the University of Montana.

Volunteer and participatory award positions are available. Please contact Sara Feilzer.

UM Brain Bee competition for high school students

high schoolers looking thru scopesThe UM Brain Bee is a FREE learning experience that takes place at the University of Montana every winter to encourage high school students to learn more about the brain by exposing them to ongoing neuroscience research and to inspire them to pursue health-neuroscience related careers. We host a 1 day competition and provide Brain Training Sessions to help participants study and to create a sense of community among participants.

The 2016 competition is Saturday, February 27 at the University of Montana. Please visit UM Brain Bee for more information about the competition or to sponsor the event.