Aeronautics field trips

Aeronautics K-12 Field Trips

Educators, bring your students on an amazing field trip exploring flight!  The University of Montana spectrUM Discovery Area Downtown hosts these new exciting field trips beginning in September 2017.

Students will explore how and why objects fly through interactive, hand-on activities.  Visitors will learn the fundamentals of aeronautics, fly a drone, and exlore our flight simulators.  Additionally, schools have the option of having a role model from the University of Montana visit their class either before or after the field trip to discuss careers and educational opportunities in physics or aeronautics.

During every field trip, students participate in a guided activity designed to meet State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Field trips last 90 minutes and are available year-round beginning in March 2016.  Available times for scheduling are Monday and Tuesday, or mornings of Thursday or Friday.

1-15 kids: $75
16-25 kids: $110
26-35 kids: $150

1 Free Chaperone for every 10 students required.  Additional chaperones pay $3.50 each.

Free passes are only valid during public hours.  They cannot be used during field trips.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation; otherwise, a $52.50 cancellation fee applies.

We have a store, and often students like to bring money to purchase items. Some of our most popular items are a dollar or less, so if they are interested, they might want to bring some pocket change.

Call (406) 728-7836 (STEM) or fill out this form to request a field trip today!


Key Concepts Explored at the Aeronautics Field Trips

Some basic themes explored during a field trip include:

  • Three Directions of Flight: pitch, roll, and yaw
  • Four Forces of Flight: lift, drag, thrust, and gravity
  • Quadcopter flight controls and flying techniques
  • Safety of flying a drone
  • Careers in physics and aeronautics

Pre-Visit Discussion

We invite you to have a discussion with your class before visiting spectrUM to explore what do they already know about flight and how it works.

These topics will be explored at your field trip.

  • What are the three directions of flight?  How are they controlled in the plane?
  • What are the four forces of flight?  What happens if they are all balanced?
  • What are careers that include flying or working with planes and unmanned aerial systems?


Post-Visit Discussion

After visiting spectrUM, we invite you to review the pre-visit discussion items.

  • What did students learn about aeronautics during the field trips?
  • What was their favorite part of the experience?
  • What are they interested in learning more about?
  • Are they interested in pursuing a career in aeronautics or physics?

Some of our favorite aeronautics links

Check out these great websites to get more information about flight and aeronautics to use in your classroom!

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