Water Room at Missoula Public Library

At the new Missoula Public Library, spectrUM and Families First Learning Lab are excited to open a new Water Learning Ecosystem. Located on the Children's Floor of the library, the water learning ecosystem will feature a place-based water table exhibit allowing visitors to visualize and interact with the integrated systems of the Clark Fork watershed. The exhibit will:

  • Spark a sense of wonder and appreciation of our river ecosystem;
  • Develop visitors’ understanding of a river and its floodplain;
  • Inspire deeper connection with the Clark Fork River;
  • Connect with visitors’ everyday experiences with the river; and
  • Make connections with science careers related to water and ecosystems science.
Water Learning Ecosystem

Water Table Sponsors and Partners

Sunderland Foundation


The Charles Engelhard Foundation


Missoula Water
Montana NSF EPSCoR
Clearwater Credit Union
Trout Unlimited Westslope Chapter


Families First Learning Lab

Clark Fork Coalition