Maker Truck Curriculum

The SciNation team met with both the Salish Pend d'Orielle and Kootenai Culture Committees to determine appropriate activities to develop for use with the Kwul 'I'tkin Maker Truck.  Beading, drum making, and basket making activities are available for download.

Download the Kwul 'I'tkin Maker Truck Curriculum Booklet.


Students explore their creativity and artistic side by making a beaded item. Wooden cabs are cut on the laser cutter, and visitors to the Maker Truck can bead around the cabs to make a necklace or medallion piece.

Drum Making

Drums have great significance to the Salish, Pend d'Oreille, and Kootenai peoples, and are used in ceremonies and celebrations. Traditionally, drums are made with a wooden base and rawhide as the drumhead.  The rawhide is soaked in water and then is tied down with sinew. Once it dries, it tightens over the frame of the drum to create a membrane that resonates. In our version of the drum, we explore how drums have been made, while using different materials for the base and drum head.

A science of sound station allows students to explore the sounds of their drums, and compare sounds of traditional drums.


Basket Making

Basket making is among one of the oldest crafts practiced by Native peoples, including the Salish, Pend d'Oreille, and Kootenai. From historic through modern times, basket making is an artistic expression as well as a practical item used to carry just about anything. At the Maker Truck, visitors explore how to make a cedar bark basket without actually using cedar bark. With special guest role model and tribal elder Eva Boyd, students also explore how to make a Sally Bag.


The Kwul 'I'tkin Maker Truck was developed with an EAGER grant from the National Science Foundation (award #1623554).