Frequently Asked Questions

By connecting with a role model, the aspirations of a young person become real, concrete, and achievable.

role model at front of class from child's point of view

Role Model Training Workshops

Role model training workshops are open to all members of the community and provide role models with the tools and support they need to develop a meaningful engagement with students. In Missoula, we hold one role model training per semester; however, additional workshops can be held upon request.  

A successful role model event includes the following:

icebreaker, role model personal story, theme, hands-on activity, reflection

We encourage you to contact us to sign up for out next training and to visit our Role Model Resources webpage for additional information in planning a role model visit. 

What are the benefits received from attending a workshop ?

  • Build on existing communication skills
  • Develop positive attitude towards outreach
  • Become aware of the value of their personal stories
  • Increase their confidence related to communicating their work to the public
  • Gain knowledge of inquiry, how people learn, and informal ed practices
  • Cultivate program and/or materials-based activity development skills
  • Increase their capacities to fulfill broader impact and outreach obligations for organizations or funders
  • Feel increased connection to a network and professional learning community of local role models engaged in outreach

How much time do I have to commit?

We offer 2-hour role models professional development workshops focused on building the skills to effectively engage public audiences.

Role models develop a hands-on educational activity related to their area of work. Ample concept development and materials selection support is provided through additional workshops and one-one-one meetings.

We’d like for role models to participate in 2 role model visits per year.

What ways can I engage with K-12 students?

  • Opportunities in schools include after school programs, in-school classroom visits, career days, school special events, and one-on-one mentorship.
  • Summer open meal sites at schools, libraries, and museums.
  • University of Montana spectrUM Discovery Area, Missoula's hands-on science center and EmPower Place, family learning center embedded in the Missoula Food Bank and Community Center host role models each month to engage with their visitors.


Do I have to talk about work or can I talk about a hobby?

Pick something your are truly passionate about to share with students and the general public!

What are teachers looking for?

We asked teachers and here is what they said:

  • Any field would be great
  • People who are passionate about any area to share what they do
  • Science & Technology
  • Mentors for Science Olympiad Team
  • Any science relating to earth science
  • Life sciences, biology
  • Forensic science, geology, astronomy, health sciences, anthropology, mining/gemology, hydrology, forest service careers, reclamation and restoration, climatology, meteorology, cartography
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Arborists, forest management and recreation, archaeological studies, history re-enactors
  • I would love to have people from a cross-section of the workforce describe how a knowledge of math is valuable in their profession.
  • Any career that involves any amount of math—why math is important in life!!
  • People who use math
  • Banking, exponential growth, predictions using statistics, defending conclusions with justifications and motion
  • Math related fields for Montana graduates
  • How to use imaging or video/audio software along with job skills
  • Art in science, telling the story of how they got to where they are now and what they were interested in when they were a kid
  • Yoga, writers-anything would be amazing!
  • Gardeners, Birders: field notes/journaling and writing process
  • Art-related career paths and the value of art in one’s education
  • 2-D and 3-D tools and art media
  • String, wind instrumentalists and percussionists, Jazz Music, Women Composers and Professional Musicians
  • Graphic Arts
  • Museum Curators, artists of all kinds, business owners, trades: Auto body mechanics, railroad workers, building trades, 
Social Studies:
  • Helping with a science lesson or a social studies lesson (maybe Lewis & Clark or the Nez Perce)
  • Geography, Native Americans, early explorers of the Americas, Thirteen Colonies, variety of topics in history and government
  • Use of French in business and trades/technology: web and software tools and hardware
  • Anyone who needs to be precise and keep good records; who does something with geography, history or economics: 
  • Refugee resettlement workers/helpers, Holocaust, social justice issues specifically to those in refugee sectors, issues of racism and exclusion of other races/religions
  • History, law, law makers, law enforcement, mining, state and local government and Montana’s railroads