COVID-19 Policies

This summer, spectrUM remains committed to providing a safe environments for our campers and staff. As we prepare for our summer camp program, our current COVID-19 policies and procedures are listed. If any policies or procedures change, we will notify all registered campers via email.

  • Camps are currently limited to 14 students and 2 educators per camp to maintain social distancing.
  • Students and staff will wear masks for all indoor activities. It is recommended that students have masks with a double layer of material, and filters are encouraged. Masks will be optional for outdoor activities.
  • Students and staff will use hand sanitizer at the beginning of camp, before and after eating, and before touching shared camp supplies.
  • Students and staff will wash hands frequently during the day.
  • spectrUM will not be transporting campers, and we will not take public transportation. All camp activities will take place at the Missoula Public Library or within walking distance.
  • If campers begging exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, they will immediately isolated under supervision at spectrUM. Parents/guardians will be contacted, and students will need to be picked up right away.
  • If any campers or staff test positive for COVID-19, spectrUM will take appropriate measures to communicate with parents/guardians to ensure the safety of those exposed.