BANR (Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies) Education

3 students with notebooks in a cornfieldThe Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies (BANR) is a USDA-funded project that brings together scientists, educators, and extension specialists to explore the use of beetle-killed and other forest biomass as a bioenergy feedstock in the Rocky Mountain region. BANR project personnel are collaborating with middle and high school teachers in Montana, Colorado and Wyoming to increase bioenergy literacy for students at all levels and build their capacity to engage in regional energy/climate/economic debates as scientifically informed citizens.

Visit the BANR website for more information.

Comp Hydro: Integrating Data Computation and Visualization to Build Model-Based Water Literacy

ground water modelThe vision of Comp Hydro, funded by the NSF STEM+Computing (STEM+C) Partnership, is to foster water and computational science literacy by integrating authentic, place- and data-based learning as high school students build and use physical, mathematical and conceptual models.

Visit our Comp Hydro Website or contact Beth Covitt for more information at

Montana Groundwater Academy

girl and male teacher testing a water wellspectrUM Discovery Area, along with multiple partners, has been awarded an EPA grant to provide field-based groundwater education to high school students in western Montana. The Montana Groundwater Academy (MGA) is appropriate for integration into courses such as Earth Science, Environmental Science, Geography, etc.

To learn more, visit the MGA Website, read our peer-reviewed journal article "Delving Below the Surface with Montana Groundwater Academy" or contact Beth Covitt at

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