Brain: A World Inside Your Head

“The Brain: A World Inside Your Head” is a fascinating exhibit for all ages, providing a hands-on and up-close look at the human body’s most essential and intriguing organ, the brain. Through eight interactive exhibits and activities, visitors will explore the wonders of neuroscience and the inner workings of the brain.

Guided Brain Dissections


Visitors will experience a guided sheep brain dissection and learn the form and function of this fascinating organ.

Senses Station


Every sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch stems from a flurry of activity between brain cells. Explore your five senses and how are they perceived in the brain with our interactive activities and experiments.

Visual Rebound


Did you know your brain is adaptable? Shoot a hoop through the basket, then put on the prism goggles and try again! How many shots until you can make a basket?

Fruit Fly Fun


How do scientists study the brain and nervous system? Explore the neurobiology of spectrUM’s favorite model organism- the fruit fly Drosophilia. Learn how spectrUM’s one-of-a-kind neuroscience lab uses fluorescent protein and fruit flies to visualize the inner workings of the brain.

Colossal Brain


Study the different parts of the brain with this colossal and colorful replica. Explore the functions of each lobe and learn how they work together.

Big Sky Big Brain


Neuroscience is huge! Explore the structure of your brain with this gigantic inflatable model. Visitors can diagnose traumatic brain injuries and explore how such injuries affect the brain’s function.

Brain Guidelines for Schools

Pre-Visit Packet, including Standards addressed by Brain: A World Inside Your Head