Professional Development


SciGirls is an Emmy-award-winning PBS show that encourages middle-school girls to participate in inquiry-based science.  SciGirls also has an online component and on-the-ground curriculum that reinforce core learning objectives in STEM.  The spectrUM Discovery Area offers trainings on SciGirls curriculum and strategies to engage boys and girls in STEM.

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Techbridge: Role Models Matter

Learn the strategies to be an effective role model, and receive the resources to prepare role models in your classroom.  Students benefit from experiences with role models, and this training will prepare you to make those experiences effective and worthwhile.

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The spectrUM-Montana Writing Project partnership stems from our shared belief that children need multiple entry points into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Writing, storytelling, and reading supply those entry points, especially for students who might not consider themselves “good at” science or math. We believe that success in literacy and writing are essential to success in STEM and that this partnership helps students thrive in both of those branches of learning. Our project addresses this problem of disciplinary “silos” in K-12 education by fostering meaningful dialogue and partnerships between educators, indigenous tribal leaders, and researchers.

Recognizing that all schools, teachers, and students have unique needs, interests, and resources, our leadership team will work with teachers to embed the STEM writing marathon into all types of learning environments, whether formally in the classroom or informally through field trips or other place-based experiences.