Jenny Lind

Research graduate student at the University of Montana

Field: Neuroscience - brain scientist

"Growing up in my small, rural Montana town, I didn't see examples of research scientists. It wasn't until after I graduated from college that I had an opportunity to work in a research lab."

Jenny Lind

When I was a kid, I loved math, science, and I loved to explore, whether it was exploring the world around me by wandering in the outdoors or exploring other worlds through reading. As a neuroscientist, I get to explore inside my own head by studying how the brain works.

As a graduate student at the University of Montana, I spent most of my time doing neuroscience experiments with different types of cells. I used frog egg cells to measure electrical currents that are created when proteins inside the cells are turned on or off.

Aside from brains, I love to be outside hiking, camping, and playing in the woods. I love that I get to do really cool stuff like taking pictures of brain cells while living in this incredible place.