Jordana Dahmen

Research Regulatory Coordinator for St. Luke’s Health System

Field: oncology

“I have learned that I can be both a science nerd and confidently beautiful; the two are not mutually exclusive."

Jordana Dahmen

I got interested in science before I even knew what science was. I was the little kid constantly making messes in my mom’s kitchen with vinegar and baking soda. And, as a little girl, I loved playing with my Barbies. Every 4th of July I would strap my Barbies to fireworks. It was thrilling to see what happened to Barbie when she went into space. Sometimes her hair would burn off and occasionally I would lose their heads. This fascination with experimentation and discovery followed me through junior high and high school as I competed in various science competitions. I graduated from Washington State University with a BS in biology where I spent five years researching wearable technology in geriatric, rehabilitation, and pregnant populations and published my first research paper in computer science.

I am a Research Regulatory Coordinator for oncology pharmaceutical trials. I work with pharmaceutical sponsors and the clinical staff to make sure that cancer drug studies follow all the rules. Every day is a new challenge, and I get to combine my love for STEM with interpersonal skills to solve problems.


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