Kris Inman

Manager of Strategic Partnerships & Engagement for the Wildlife Conservation Society

Field: wildlife biology

“When you feel a small spark light within you, follow it, you might be surprised where it takes you.”

Kris Inman

Growing up, my dad loved to take our family on hikes. We stopped in front of a tall tree and he
asked if we would know its name by its bark. I remember reaching out, feeling its roughness,
and seeing the dark striations of color. It became a game, learning each tree’s names by bark
and leaf. Yet, somehow, knowing their names, I felt a deeper connection to the forest we walked
through. Looking back, that’s when a spark was lit within me. I became inquisitive about nature
and ways to ensure it remains.

I am now a wildlife biologist. I’ve climbed into bear dens, snowshoed rugged terrain to track the elusive wolverine, and even sloshed through wetlands to learn about beavers. I now lead a program for the Wildlife Conservation Society that takes science to action. I bring ranchers, recreation communities, environmental groups, and policymakers together to find innovative solutions to today’s challenges.

It takes a lot of perseverance and a lot of confidence in yourself to know that you can do things that require you to be in really rough terrain and conditions and to push yourself.


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