Laura Newby

Welder, Laura Jean Welding LLC

Field: welding

“One of my favorite quotes I live by that my father told me is that ‘you can do anything with your life as long as you put your mind to it.'"


I am a metal artist, owner of Laura Jean Welding LLC, and I am also a welding instructor at Trapper Creek Job Corps in Darby, Montana. I just love welding. When you weld and use a plasma cutter or a torch you’re bending and manipulating steel, and you’re basically sewing with fire. I love creating things with my hands. I design metal art ranging from small metal scorpions made from spark plugs, to one of a kind lamps using old chevy parts, to mermaid burn barrels plasma cut out by hand.

Welders use tools to melt pieces of metal together in order to build and fix things. I work on equipment like pipes, tractors, and trailers, and also design and build my own metal sculptures.