Megan Moore

Research graduate student at the University of Montana

Field: human geography (studies people and their connections to environment)

"When you learn about science you are able to understand different points of view, weed out facts from fiction, and explore what interests you."

Megan Moore

I grew up outside of Chicago but I went camping every summer with my dad and sister in the Sierras. My favorite memories are the smell of the forests. In college, I debated where to go in life. My 75-year-old professor jumped on a table and flapped his arms yelling “I AM A SANDHILL CRANE” inspiring me to study the environment. Now I study the role humans play and their connectedness to the environment.

My work is a combination of fieldwork conducting interviews and spending time in the community with residents and computer work to enter and analyze data. It’s pretty fun! My work is important because it connects the social world with the environmental world.

Outside of work, two of my hobbies (besides the usual outdoor Montana activities) include donut hunting and convincing dog people that cats are cool. I have a 14-year-old cat, Wrigley, who enjoys hunting mice.


Megan Moore is a PhD graduate student in the Department of Society and Conservation within the W.A. Franke College of Forestry at the University of Montana. Megan is part of the Montana NSF EPSCoR CREWS research team. Learn more about Montana NSF EPSCoR.