Sarj Patel

Assistant Research Professor of molecular pharmacology

Field: Biomedical sciences studying traumatic brain injury and concussions

"I'm the first generation in my family to attend college."

Sarj Patel

As a young kid, I was hooked on science shows on the BBC TV network in England where I grew up. In school, many a class ended with my chemistry teacher, Mr. Bartlett, performing an experiment with a flash, explosion, or smell, but he always found a way to explain its relevance to every day life. After this, I was pretty much set on pursuing some kind of career involving science. One of the most enjoyable aspects of working in science is that it has allowed me to work in many different parts of the world and meet lots of incredible people. The best part of my job is doing experiments based on data generated in our lab and teaching students. The hardest part is finding money to keep the lab running.

I love to travel to new places. I am a crazy Liverpool F.C. fan (my lifelong soccer team).

Science moves the whole world forward! Science is never ending - one new discovery leads to new ideas and questions which leads to another new discovery and so on.