Tracy Campbell

Regulatory Compliance Manager for the City of Missoula Storm Water Utility

Field: Environmental Science

“My primary goal is to advocate for clean water and to always be mindful about how our decisions influence water quality.”

Tracy Campbell

As a teenager, I attended a summer camp in North Carolina, where we spent a significant time exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains. I loved backpacking and being surrounded by nature, so after high school, I attended Colorado State University to pursue a degree in Natural Resources Management. I spent a semester in Ecuador where I completed an independent study in the Amazon Rainforest.  I was mesmerized by the tropical jewel-like bugs --iridescent and shiny -- and simply awesome. Insects are the cornerstone of healthy ecosystems, so small yet so important.

Now I work for the City of Missoula Storm Water Utility, and am involved in many discussions about how to improve storm water management and protect water quality. I feel like we are making real changes towards responsible, sustainable solutions.

Science is important because our world needs us to take care of it. Our earth is amazing, beautiful, and resilient, and so are humans! By engaging in science, we learn more about our world and become more connected to it. And when we are more attached to something, we are more committed to protecting it.